Lurking in the Shadows
innocently overlooks the truth
Maria ☆ 17 years old ☆ College student

"I feel like a big faker because
I've been putting my life back together and nobody knows."

Inspiration photo of the week, courtesy of Tumblr, because nothing is impossible if you put your mind and heart into it 😉


this is paramore.

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Everybody has that point in their life where you hit a crossroads and you’ve had a bunch of bad days and there’s different ways you can deal with it and the way I dealt with it was I  j u s t  t u r n e d c o m p l e t e l y  t o  m u s i c.

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i’ll always love you ‘cause we grew up together and you helped make me who i am. i just wanted you to know there will be a piece of you in me always, and i’m grateful for that. whatever someone you become, and wherever you are in the world, i’m sending you love. you’re my friend to the end.

— her (2013)